HY-5000 multi-functional alcohol (water) soluble compound printing ink

HY-5000 multi-functional alcohol (water) soluble compound printing ink

    This product is formulated using the latest technology to pre-alcohol soluble polymer dispersed elastomer material for the connection of new ink variety.
    1, can be common to light BOPP PET PE film packaging and printing.
    2, with 95% alcohol-based thinner. If the printing conditions permit, you can also thinner, 10% -20% by adding water to reduce the cost neutral. This product is non-toxic odor-free, low residue, is the latest green ink products.
    3, for a variety of solvent that can dissolve fat, fat soluble alcohol, alcohol soluble.
    4, twice the diluent can be added to reduce the cost.
    5, the printing operation is simple, has excellent light transfer network effects and gloss.
    6-speed presses for 60-250 meters.

    Can be used for food, medicine, food, seeds and other composite lightweight packaging. Recommended requirements for a composite liquid milk, butter vinegar condiment packaging printing.

Dilution ratio:
    Quick-drying: ethyl acetate: ethanol = 1:1
    Medium Speed: 95% ethanol
    Slow dry: alcohol: propylene glycol methyl ether = 9:1 (or 10% of neutral water)

    1, the use of slow drying solvent ratio of air flow duct to pay attention to temperature, to ensure that ink dry completely, so as not to affect the post-composite strength.
    2, the product can not be mixed with other systems use ink.
    3, the film strength of the product, the best in print five hours later.
    4, before using this product to ensure that the printing plate thoroughly cleaned, the ink because they can not prevent other system compatibility plug mesh.
    5, the FDA kept the printing viscosity of 11-14 seconds / 3 # Cup best. 0.5-1 times the recommended dilution.
    6, quick-drying solvent, acetate, slow dry solvent is small resin, using water to do slow drying solvent enough to keep the oven temperature and air volume.
    7, because the strong recovery of the insoluble materials, printing speed may have to bite the phenomenon of color, machine speed increase can be removed.
    8, the print must be stored in a dry state to prevent the ink caused by anti-stick water.
    9, appropriate printed using this ink composition, suitable for fat and alcohol soluble adhesive. Careful use of other adhesives tested.


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