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      Jinjiang City, Huanyu (Fine) Ink Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of large plastic gravure printing ink, the product trade mark "a new color up." Company is located in Wuli Industrial Park, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, is a research, development, operating as one of the high-tech enterprises.
    Since its inception, has developed to promote a series of high-tech products for domestic and international markets. With a good reputation, quality service, senior industry experience, strong technical strength, successfully bring products to food, medicine, clothing, tea and other industries.
    The company has several senior professional and technical development of the domestic staff and advanced production equipment and testing instruments, has improved the quality management system, adhere to "quality survival, reputation and development" concept, the introduction of environmentally friendly ink products have reached the same industry-leading level.
    Our main products are environmentally friendly alcohol-water ink, in Indian ink, surface printing ink, polyurethane transparent ink, pearl ink, fluorescent ink, grease solvent inks and other products.
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