HY-2000 type plastic gravure printing ink alcohol

HY-2000 type plastic gravure printing ink alcohol

    This product is a environmentally friendly printing ink products, alcohol, chlorinated polypropylene system to replace the ink used to apply to BOPP film packaging printing compound to the substrate. Ink does not contain ingredients stupid and heavy metals, can be used for food, sanitation cleaning supplies, medicines and food packaging printing.

    1, the use of ethanol or ethyl acetate solvent dilution done, the complete elimination of the benzene residue, consistent with national environmental requirements.
    2, the white ink has excellent leveling and hiding power, color ink colorful, color saturation higher.
    3, the scraper to adapt performance, network transfer and uniform level of the transition.
    4, white and chlorinated polypropylene and polyamide can ink color printing system to use, does not affect the composite strength.

For Film:
    1, after a two-way stretch surface corona treatment BOPP film, the surface tension of 38 dyne above.
    2, after the surface was PET film for surface treatment of more than 40, but only for a small area of light packaging printing compound.

Compound type:
    1, PP PE aluminized paper and the dry compound.
    2, the use of imine or isocyanate esters PE extrusion lamination adhesive.

Printing speed:
    For 80-300 m / min printing speed

Printing Viscosity:
    # 2 Zahn cup (25 degrees C) :14-22 seconds
    # 3 Zahn cup (25 degrees C) :13-20 seconds

Printing Thinner:
    Quick-drying: ethyl acetate
    Medium Speed: ethyl acetate: ethanol = 1:1
    Slow: 95% ethanol
(Although 95% ethanol can be dissolved, but in order to post security complex, it is recommended for anhydrous ethanol)

Packing and storage conditions:
    18 kg (color ink) 20 kg (white ink)
    Keep in a cool, dry and safe place, shelf life of one year.

    1, the system uses a low-carbon alcohol solvent ink as a diluent, the printing speed and ambient temperature according to the level, select the appropriate dilution ratio program.
    2, separate chlorinated polypropylene with white ink and ink matching system, only for the final version of bunk, and not mixing the color to use.
    3, the ink will be thickening phenomenon degrees below 0, at room temperature before use in advance of restitution, does not affect the performance of the ink.

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